Only one thing we can do: Get out the vote

Like everyone with a heart, I’ve been alarmed by the assault on families at our border. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to march with folks in Morgantown Monday evening. Today I called my senators and my congressman. I told one answering machine (Senator Capito) and two young voices (staff for Senator Manchin and Congressman McKinley) that this country became great because it’s a nation of immigrants. I asked them to use the power of the United States government to stop our president and attorney general from enforcing the law in such a cruel way.

I made some donations. Then I signed up to work on Kendra Fershee’s campaign. Kendra is running to unseat Congressman David McKinley in West Virginia’s 1st Congressional District.

There is only one thing that will stop this never-ending horror show. The election. We – and I mean everyone who believes in facts and compassion and the United State Constitution – need to unite and get out the vote. We need to use our energy and resources wisely. We are never going to change the Trump voters. We have to outnumber them. We have to take back the America brand: Freedom. Including the freedom to disagree.

We are not a nation that wrenches children from their parents’ arms.

Abrams Nancy